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PNR offers specialised and personalized discretionary Wealth Management Services to high net worth clients. PNR creates a complete balanced portfolio to include investment in equities (quoted and unquoted), fixed income, alternative investments and real estate as per the risk strategy of its clients.

With PNR, clients are assured to achieve target returns through its disciplined investment process. Company's investment managers work towards providing reasonably concentrated portfolio of what it believes are compelling opportunities. PNR's multi-layered research process ensures that it follows a rule-based system for selection, drawing out the most undervalued opportunities from a large universe of investment opportunities.

Member: NSE: SEBI Regn. No: INB / INF 230690833 TM Co: 06908 Clearing Member (F&O) No. M50354 BSE: SEBI Regn. No: INB 010690833 Clearing No: 474 | NSDL: DP ID: IN 301241 SEBI Regn. No: IN-DP-NSDL-112-99 DSE: SEBI Regn. No: INB 050690834 MCode: D - 132 | OTCEI: SEBI Registration No.: INB 200690839 SEBI Merchant Banking Regn. No: INM000000727